Word2Vector Application as Recommendation Engine

Continuing the work of a term project I completed this semester, I created a Python module titled database2vector that utilizes Word2Vec, a simple neural network used to produce word embeddings, as a method of creating similarity ratings between items. Depending on the database that this is applied to, the module can be used to generateContinue reading “Word2Vector Application as Recommendation Engine”

Dimensionality Reduction and Supervised Learning

For our final project in my Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition class, my partner and I investigated the effects of performing principal component analysis on a data set prior to feeding that data into a neural network; essentially, we wanted to perform a cost-benefit analysis for how preprocessing with unsupervised learning would impact the performanceContinue reading “Dimensionality Reduction and Supervised Learning”

Sudoku Solver and GUI

As a personal algorithms project, I created a Sodoku solving program in Python, and implemented a display using Tkinter. The program currently layers strategies in decreasing complexity, first attempting to use more “sophisticated” approaches before falling back to approximations. First, the board tries to find unique candidates, instances in which cells may have many legalContinue reading “Sudoku Solver and GUI”